YMCC Junior Development Program: JuMP

Junior Development Program at YMCC: JUMP ( Juniors: Maximising Potential)

In 2024 we are again happy to offer YMCC junior players of ages Year 5-10 the opportunity to improve their fundamental and advanced hockey skills.

We will be running our extremely successful JuMP Program throughout the season in several blocks.

The YMCC JuMP Program has been running since 2016 and aims to provide all our juniors in all grades with top level skills development training in small groups.  This year we are changing the program to make more time slots available so that hopefully most of our juniors have the chance to benefit from this opportunity.

The Program is headed up by Suze Bowyer and the YMCC development committee coaches, Stew McDonald, Graeme Gardner and De Bailey.  All these dedicated YMCC coaches are previous high level and elite level players with an extensive knowledge of hockey.  Our other coaches will be members of our mens and womens top Premier squads.

All players in Years 5-10 are welcome to book in for these sessions. We will stream the groups into age and skill level appropriate ones during the sessions.

Our first block of 4 sessions are still being developed, but keep a look out for information here.




Our Goalie Club morning is planning on continuing this year at Lemnos Field, with the times and days still being organised.

As per the last 5 years it will focus on improving our junior goalie’s skills.  As all goalies know it’s difficult for your team coach to get enough time to work with the team goalie.  YMCC Development have set up Goalie Club to allow all our junior goalies to get together and work on their goalie skills in a fun and dynamic 90 minutes.

Any questions regarding any of the above programs please email Suze Bowyer on Suzanne.bowyer@gmail.com