J7/8 J9/10 and J11/12 Competition

J7/8 J9/10 and J11/12 Competition

This competition is run by Hockey WA and involves playing teams from other clubs all over Perth. Games are run on a full size pitch with 11 on the field including a goal keeper.


Important Message


All players need to be registered.  Please see the information regarding junior fees here.  Register here.

Training Days - 2024 Season - To be confirmed and subject to change

  • J7/8 to J11/12 Girls Turf team training will be held at Lemnos Field on Wednesday evenings.

  • J7/8 to J11/12 Boys Turf team training will be held at Lemnos Field on Wednesday evenings.

Grading/Grouping Session for 2024 

Grading for the teams have been completed. The Junior Committee is currently reviewing the data collected during these session and from the information gathered from the registration process to compile teams.   The Junior Committee is doing their best to have these team ready for announcing as soon as possible, however it can take longer than expected.  


If you have missed any of the grading sessions or are new to the club, please email:

Girls Coordinator - Yvonne Dreissens - juniorgirls@ymcchockey.org.au

Boys Coordinator - Peta-Maree Ashford - juniorboys@ymccockey.org.au

Junior Coordinator - Marcia Pekin - juniors@ymcchockey.org.au



The rules of the competition can be found on the Hockey WA website.

Hockey WA Junior Rules